Youth for Innovation – student programs
Analyses & checks for all EYA Winning Projects!

The EYA contest is much more than just a competition to show off your skills, it is about social good. That’s why, every year, multidisciplinary groups of local and international students work hard to improve the Winning Projects with their knowledge and ideas, providing the EYA Winners with profound project analysis.

In cooperation with professors and academic partners, EYA conducts student programs with the goal to give the Winners peer-to-peer feedback. The programs bring together students from universities all over Europe, to work with each other and make an impact on society.

Find more information about the programs here:

For more detailed information about the programs feel free to get in touch with the EYA Project Manager Birgit Kolb.


The YFI Expert Jury is made of outstanding personalities from across Europe. They will help determine which team is the winner of best overall project. We are proud to be working with an incredible group of people.

In order for a group to win the team must have the most points. The jury will look at four criteria – presentation, idea, design, and effort – and rank their top five projects. The best projects will receive five points, the second four points, and so on.

The other half of the voting is done by students. Students from either the Europe or Styria projects will evaluate the projects using the same four criteria and give a score of 1-5 stars. Based on all the students’ votes, the best team will again receive five points, the second four points, and so on. The jury and student points are added and the team with the most points wins.

In the event of a tie breaker, the jury will be the deciding factor. The group with the highest jury points wins.

YFI Europe Partner Universities 2019

YFI Styria partner universities 2019