Youth for Innovation Europe
student program

Are you ready to demonstrate your talent and help young digital entrepreneurs to change the world with their start-up projects?

Then you are ready for Youth for Innovation Europe (student program)!

Youth for Innovation Europe (student program) connects young people (mainly students) from all over Europe to work together, analyze and further develop the #EYA winning projects. The EYA International Youth for Innovation is a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn and exchange ideas with peers from all over Europe!
  • Showcase your knowledge in front of the best young developers, designers, ICT experts and producers!
  • Effectively apply the skills you developed during the academic year!
  • Share your views and opinions!
  • Learn about the potential of digital technologies to tackle today’s societal challenges.
  • Connect with engaged and motivated people interested in ICT, multimedia, e-content and social innovation and become part of the vibrant EYA network of social change-makers!

From October to November 27, participants exchange your ideas and knowledge in virtual conferences with other international participants. From November 27-30 you have the opportunity to attend the EYA Festival in Graz, Austria, to meet your colleagues and present your results to the Winning teams and all Festival participants.
You have full access to the EYA Festival, may enjoy all workshops and sessions and party at the Gala Ceremony.

Who can participate?

Anyone between 18-35 years, interested in applying his/her skills, participate in an international project and boost his/her CV!

What are the costs?

– Travel to Graz and accommodation (prices from 20 Euro per night)

– participation fee: 100 Euro (online + Festival Pass).

How it works in detail:

Using Open Source software, participants connect online, analyze and enhance the EYA winning projects from October until the EYA Festival (November 27-30, 2019). They exchange their ideas and knowledge in virtual conferences and apply learnt theories practically to the winning projects.

  • One international student group per EYA Winning Project (e.g. 15 groups in 2018)
  • Task: participants analyse one of the winning projects in a group online, develop basic concepts for further development and present their results at the EYA Festival.
  • How it works:
    Participants assign themselves to the EYA winning projects according to their interests and form mixed groups online. A course leader organizes a virtual kick-off meeting. After that, participants start to analyse the projects together online (via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or others) and answer questions such as (comprehensive questionnaire provided):

1. What are the three main qualities making this project stand out?
2. Which improvements/enhancements do you recommend the team should focus on when preparing the next version of the project?
3. What did you learn from analyzing this project (topic, design, technical aspect, etc.)?
4. What is the role of this project in achieving the goals of the Council of Europe, strategy Europe 2020 and the SDGs?

  • Participants prepare a poster/physical presentation and hand-out together to summarize their results.
  • The presentation of their results takes place in the format of an exhibition together with their local colleagues participating in the local Youth for Innovation (student program) at the EYA Festival. During the exhibition always one participant keeps standing next to the poster to explain and exchange with other participants. The best work will be selected by an international jury and the audience and will be awarded at the EYA Gala Ceremony.

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