YFI Kosovo Workshops

A number of eye-opening workshops will be held on Friday, with the general focus on project analysis! Pick your field of interest and connect with international experts!

Find more information about the YFI Kosovo program and the experts that will support you here:

► How to: Analyze Target Groups

Lea Hansjürgen

After this 1-hour seminar, students will have a basic understanding of customers, beneficiaries and organizational actors: Who creates a value? Who pays for it? And who uses it? The trained analyzing and prototyping method is the creation of personas. 

  • Input: Business Model Navigator / WHO, HOW, WHAT, VALUE
  • Closer Look WHO: Customers, Beneficiaries and Organizations
  • Analyzing Method of WHO: Persona (one day in a life, gains, pains)
► How To: Design Great Products

Wolf Becvar

Designing does not mean putting make-up on assumptions. You should research and understand a problem, develop hypotheses – test them, iterate and design an MVP. During this 1 hour seminar you will be presented with the basics of UX design that will help you create better products. 

You will learn about the process, methods and tools of UX design and how you can integrate these principles into your organization/ project. 

► Understanding, Structuring and Fulfilling Projects

Chris Bauer

The workshop features basic methods and tools to evaluate, structure and fulfill projects including topics like brainstorming, idea management, finding partners, finance, sales and communications. It also has a focus on the simple tools we all use for this: From Microsoft Project, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, as well as Prezi, Google Calendar and successful communications with Facebook, Instagram, Websites with WordPress, etc.

► What makes a good brand?

Julianna Faludi

What makes a good brand? What does your logo tell about your mission? How to make your brand salient, and stand out from the crowd? This workshop takes stock of the basics of branding and marketing communications. Do you speak to your customers AND beneficiaries? Can you walk your persona through your value proposition? 

Participants will get a toolkit of efficient branding design strategies to align purpose, mission, and culture into a clear message. 


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