Youth for Innovation Kosovo

In 2019, for the first time, EYA organized a special Kosovar edition of the Youth For Innovation initiative. It was an event from October 11 to 12, 2019 aimed at youth from Kosovo – to teach them about the key success factors of digital projects with impact on society regarding tech, design, communication and (social) entrepreneurship.

The YFI Kosovo offered workshops on these topics, followed by the hands-on application of the freshly acquired knowledge, together in teams of 3-5 along with 12 EYA expert coaches.

Participants learned from the creative EYA Winning Projects of 2019 and developed ideas for improvements. They thought about how these solutions could be expanded to Kosovo and worked on their own concepts for digital solutions for Kosovo.

Who was it for?

The Youth for Innovation Kosovo capacity building event was for local youth, aged 16–30. It presented the opportunity to analyze and learn from the EYA Winning Projects and think of ways to apply that knowledge inside Kosovo.

The target groups of YFI Kosovo were:


For high school & university students!


  • How to apply your knowledge for social benefit?
  • Learn from best practice examples of social innovation.
  • Build your network!


The active youth – people with an existing concept or project!


  • What are the key success factors of present-day start-ups?
  • How to make your own project fly?

Curious minds

… and for everybody curious about modern success stories!


  • Take a look at this year’s digital innovation landscape
  • What have other bright minds come up with?
  • Find motivation to make a change!

What did they do?

  • got comprehensive knowledge in workshops regarding tech, design, communication & (social) entrepreneurship;
  • dove deep into the Winning Projects as best practice examples, analysed and evaluated them;
  • made suggestions for improvement and how these projects could be expanded to Kosovo;
  • thought about solutions which are relevant for Kosovo and worked on their own ideas;
  • presented the results in front of a large audience and got applauded!


  • worked on real projects and business cases;
  • applied their knowledge;
  • got to know and inspired by international start-ups and innovative projects;
  • expanded their international network;
  • received a participation certificate to boost your CV!

The best team was rewarded!

An Expert Jury selected one team that stood out the most by judging their work during the event and their pitch presentation.

The winning team were given a 6 month membership to use all Prishtina Hackerspace facilities!



🎊YFI Kosovo Winner🎊

Producers: Erza Lalinovci, Veronë Kadriu, Eda Mushe, Triera Kastrati, Tringa Arifi

IntoKOSOVO is a mobile application which connects travelers with tour guides from all around Kosovo in order to get better experience while they stay in this country. The tourism in Kosovo is growing exponentially every year, more and more tourist increasingly are looking for people who can show them around. A lot of the travelers have difficulties in getting access to tour guides and a lot of students and graduates in history and tourism field are having trouble getting a job.

The IntoKOSOVO app introduces the travelers to people who can guide them through the city and provide them the needed information about the city. The idea is this platform to be used by tourists who travel in Kosovo and students and graduates who have a background or enough knowledge about the city, the history of the city and trending places.

This app will not only make the experience of every tourist better and hopefully increase the tourism of Kosovo, but also it will help the students get with experience that is not provided in the university, it will help graduates that are unemployed to start with their career which all together will contribute to decrease the unemployment rate in Kosovo.

Brain Sound

Producers: Fjolla Haziraj, Kaltrina Bulliqi, Salih Salihu

A hologram device that visualizes the brain in 3D and highlights the EEG waves in hologram. The software will use Artificial Intelligence (Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning and Neural Networking) and Data Analytics.


Producers: Ardita Berisha, Liridon Iberhysaj, Nera Hashani

We are solving the lack of information for students to find best instructors for online learning by connecting students and instructors through CIS-app.

Embrace Life

Producers: Drenusha Salihu, Ariston Lipa, Fatbardh Kabashi

Embrace Light is a real time monitoring system that can be added to actual Traffic Lights systems or be upgraded in a completely another new conceptual design. According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.35 million deaths worldwide in the year 2016. That means, one person was killed every 25 seconds. Our objectives are to decrease the traffic deaths by foreseeing dangerous situations and acting accordingly to prevent the situations, to ease traffic and to reduce the gas emissions released by cars waiting. Based in the real time monitoring system the lights will turn red for the less engaged roads, making the traffic smoother in the most engaged parts of the cities. 


Producers: Meriton Hoti, Artan Xhemaili, Aurora Bytyqi, Rea Kasumi

Our platform will integrate three things:

  1. Learning online and getting certificates
  2. CV-s are automatically written based on the courses and internships you have taken
  3. Freelance projects with upwork and fiver so that young people can find employment not only here but also abroad. 
  4. AI algorithm that provides personalized potentials assessment and makes course choices.

Students can create an account and register what they want to work. They will get a list of job openings and trainings that are available online. They will learn on our platform, create the digital CV, and employers always have an overview of a specific skill: a leaderboard of who is the best for a certain position. For example Software development in Java: Leaderboard of all courses related to Java that people have taken, with certificates.

This way, people learn from their own initiative, have the light at the end of the tunnel that they can get employment with courses online locally, or if they want to they can get work from freelance portals. 

moBug – Moms Debugging

Producers: Donijetë Zylfijaj, Erona Ibrahimi, Erza Leka, Orika Musliu

moBug is a coding learning app for unemployed mothers with the purpose of increasing the percentage of women in the tech industry.

This app will contain coding lessons appropriate for women to help them find themself more easily attached to coding. The main point of his project is to help moms to create games and other kind of activities for their children and in the meantime to get some skills in coding.


Producers: Loreta Shala, Qëndresa Bekaj, Lavdim Ajazi, Mujë Xhekaj

Our target group is students. We have the idea to develop an application for students studying in different fields. According to the achievements and learning from workshops our persona (fictional representation of our target group) leads us to specific points. Our application will give students the opportunity to see scholarships, job opportunities, residential opportunities, tell problems, irregularities, innovative ideas, charity sector, entertainment etc.


Producers: Rinor Sefa, Qëndresa Kastrati, Lumi Kryeziu, Dafina Shala

TREE+ is an app that uses an algorithm to identify areas suitable for tree planting using GSM-s such as satellites, drones. The app takes into account air pollution zones, habitation statistics and soil identification to identify the best tree types that can grow in the specified location.


Successful entrepreneurs, developers and researchers from all around the globe were there to support the engaged participants of the Youth for Innovation event in Kosovo! These talented international and local experts were on-site as coaches and workshop leaders.

Find out more about these great people who shared their experience and knowledge:

Diora Binxhiu
Senior Social Media Manager | HALLAKATE

George Malekkos
Software Innovation Architect & CEO | Powersoft

Bardha Ahmeti
Technologist, freelancer

Mads Fugl
Co-founder | Coworking Plus

Julianna Faludi
Assistant Professor | Corvinus University of Budapest

Gabriel Brezoiu
General Manager | GEYC - Group of the European Youth for Change

Jehona Ademaj Sejdiu
Advisor and Communications Specialist | Embassy of Finland in Kosovo

Christian Bauer
Owner | Bauer & Associates

Wolf Becvar
UX professional, COO HotGloo, writer, speaker

Lea M. Hansjürgen
Moderator, Consultant, Researcher | self-employed

Vladimir Marić
International Business Development Manager | Mozaik
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pihla Rostedt
CEO | Stellarion


Who selected the best ideas and prototypes developed? Who were the smart brains dedicating their expertise and experience to guarantee a fair and profound decision? We proudly present the outstanding personalities making up the YFI Kosovo Jury!

Florije Manaj Zogaj
Founder | Manaj & Associates

Vjosa Mullatahiri
Advisor for Youth Employment Promotion and ALMP | German Development Cooperation (GIZ)

Afërdita Pustina
National Programme Officer | OSCE Mission in Kosovo

Majlinda Ruhani
Incubation Manager | VentureUP

Valmir Xhemajli
Project Coordinator | NGO Lens

Remzie Shahini-Hoxhaj
Assistant Professor | University of Prishtina

Dian Fishekqi
Board member | Flossk

George Malekkos
Software Innovation Architect & CEO | Powersoft

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