Youth for Innovation Kosovo

This year, for the first time, EYA will organize a special Kosovar edition of the Youth For Innovation initiative. The event aims at youth from Kosovo to teach them about the key success factors for digital projects with impact on society regarding tech, design, communication and (social) entrepreneurship.

The YFI Kosovo offers workshops on these topics followed by the hands-on application of the freshly acquired knowledge together in teams with 10 EYA expert coaches.

As participant you will learn from this year’s creative EYA Winning Projects and develop ideas for improvements. You will think about how these solutions could be expanded to Kosovo and work on own concepts for digital solutions for Kosovo with the support of the international experts.

Your results will be evaluated on the last day by an expert jury selecting the best team.

Who is it for?

The Youth for Innovation Kosovo program aims at capacity building for local youth, aged 16–30. It presents the opportunity to analyze and learn from the EYA Winning Projects and think of ways to apply that knowledge inside Kosovo.

The target groups of YFI Kosovo are:


For high school & university students!


  • How to apply your knowledge for social benefit?
  • Learn from best practice examples of social innovation.
  • Build your network!


The active youth – people with an existing concept or project!


  • What are the key success factors of present-day start-ups?
  • How to make your own project fly?

Curious minds

… and for everybody curious about modern success stories!


  • Take a look at this year’s digital innovation landscape
  • What have other bright minds come up with?
  • Find motivation to make a change!

What will you do?

  • get comprehensive knowledge in workshops regarding tech, design, communication & (social) entrepreneurship;
  • dive deep into the Winning Projects as best practice examples, analyse and evaluate them;
  • make suggestions for improvement and how these projects could be expanded to Kosovo;
  • think about solutions which are relevant for Kosovo and work on your own ideas;
  • present the results in front of a large audience and get applauded!

Your benefits

  • work on real projects and business cases;
  • apply your knowledge;
  • get to know and inspired by international start-ups and innovative projects;
  • expand your international network;
  • receive a participation certificate to boost your CV!

The best team will be rewarded!

An Expert Jury will select one team that stands out the most by judging their work during the event and their pitch presentation.

The winning team will be given a 6 month membership to use all Prishtina Hackerspace facilities!

Applications are closed!

We thank you very much for your interest, however the event is fully booked.

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