Original Title: Woody
Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.flamingos.woody
Country: Austria
Category: Go Green
Project team: Alois Paul Spiesberger-Höckner, Christoph Wöss, Georg Steinfelder, Florian Jungwirth, Alois Paul Spiesberger-Höckner, Florian Jungwirth, Christoph Wöss & Georg Steinfelder

Kids these days can’t tell a beech from an oak, huh? Then they apparently haven’t played withWoody, a timber worm who needs your assistance to survive. You need to feed Woody with wood by interacting with real trees in your environment in order to extend his life as long as possible. It is your choice whether to cut down a tree or let Woody just nibble a bit.You will see that when chopping down all trees in your surrounding area it will become increasingly difficult to gather food for Woody. With this gameplay mechanics the infotainment app aims to boost the awareness of trees and nature in urban areas and to encourage people to think about sustainability and resource management. Informative features such as an extensive Treepedia and a map of all trees in the Austrian capital Vienna are combined with fun gameplay, thus making Woody an entertaining and rewarding experience.

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