Wiithaa, the upcycling network

Original Title: Wiithaa, the upcycling network
Website: http://wiithaa.com
Country: France
Category: Education for All
Project team: Brieuc Saffré, Nico Buttin, Brieuc Saffré & Nicolas Buttin

The career-counseling portal whatchado.net is an orientation guide for those undecided what to do with their job lives. Numerous video stories provide insight into the work life of professionals who have already entered the corporate world and thus support those who still have this step ahead of them. They depict a day in the life of people with various professions – from bookkeepers to the president of Austria. More than 1,600 success stories have already been collected and published. An elaborated JobDating algorithm helps to point out new perspectives for people who are still in education and those currently seeking employment.

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