Original Title: ViLim
Country: Lithuania
Category: Fostering Health
Project team: Mantas Venslauskas, Andrius R. Juknevičius, Edvinas Litvinas,

ViLim is a hand-held medical device using vibrational excitation for the treatment of hand tremor in patients with Parkinson’s and stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis. A second feature, the ViLimap mobile app, is a diagnostic tool to increase the effectiveness of the ViLim ball.

ViLimap helps to distinguish the stage and type of neurological disease while monitoring the patient’s condition during the therapeutic period. The ViLim ball’s mechanical vibration activates neuromuscular spindle receptors. This therapy helps to reduce hand tremor by 50% to 80% of patients for a certain period of time, and morning stiffness for 86% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis after just 10 minutes.

ViLim takes a novel, yet methodical and well-structured approach, coupled with a cool design, to address health needs that impact greatly on the affected individual’s ability to carry on daily life. The system has great potential both as a treatment option, as well as in tracking patients’ progress.

Jury Evaluation:

“VilLim is an impressive project targeting a segment of the population searching for innovative ways to improve conditions that are ultimately debilitating. The jury appreciated the novel yet methodical and well-structured approach to addressing a health issue that has such a large impact on individual’s ability to carry on with daily life. We saw great future potential both as a treatment option as well as a large opportunity to track patients’ progress. The scalability and affordable price point splashed with cool design puts a little bit of control back in the hands of people who have struggle so hard to regain it.” – EYA Jury Report

Mentor Statement:

“I‘m really surprised about the idea, quality and effectiveness of ViLim. The team developed an impressive solution which will help people with hand tremor (shaky hands) symptom which is caused by Parkinson’s disease. Together with the diagnostic tool ViLimap, the ViLim team is on the right way of the field of digital health. I’m proud to be their mentor!

Digital health will be one of the most important areas of research and growing market in the next decades. Tools for prevention and helping people will be one of the most attractive market options in the future. Therefore such solutions are necessary to influence the market and to show what is possible. Treatment and support tools at home are gaining more and more relevance since it gives the opportunity to reduce clinical costs. From now on, this segment will be driven by robotic, artificial Intelligence, virtual reality and so on! This new forms of tools will help the majority of the population. The cooperation from classical health sector (doctors) with the innovative ICT technology sector is on the stocks. Digital health is of course the key solution for the superannuation of the population.”

Wolfgang Schaffer
Authorized Signatory & Senior Project Manager | bit media e-solutions GmbH

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