The Slum Challenge


Original Titel: The Slum Challenge
Country: Denmark
Category: Active Citizenship
Project team: Mikkel Cantzler Christensen, Jonas Unmack Larsen,


The Slum Challenge (TSC) is a documentary project about life in slum areas, home to more than one billion people worldwide. In the megacity of Manila, a third of all people live in densely populated slums. The core of TSC is an interactive plot filmed in point of view through the eyes of a Filipino boy. The storyline unfolds in fifty-four unique interconnected sequences. Using gamification, the viewer decides what will happen next by selecting from the options placed at the end of each sequence. Along the way, pop-up icons appear, giving the viewer more insight into the dilemmas and choices of life in slums.
TSC literally brings the slum at eye level to the target viewer group – teens aged 13 to18 – making them think about the consequences for young people of growing up in slums.

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