Synergy of Health

Original Title: Synergy of Health
Country: Serbia
Category: Healthy Life
Project team: Larisa Despotovic, Ana Mate, Marija Benin, Slobodan Cvijovic,

Synergy of Health is a mobile app designed to help people with mental health problems such as depression, phobias, anxiety, and OCD, willing to work on improving their mental health. Considering that 1 in 4 people in Serbia experience mental health problems, the app is designed to educate, inform and provide support, available at any time and anywhere. Synergy of Health also helps those who do not seek help due to problems such as agoraphobia or social anxiety, or who cannot access professional help due to their remote location, as well as those who want to remain anonymous because of stigma. The app is aimed primarily at young people representing the most vulnerable, but the group most familiar with smart devices. A team of top professionals has worked with youth for many years, using clinically approved data and tests. Supported by the Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Caritas Serbia, the EU Delegation in Serbia and the City of Belgrade, Synergy of Health aims to raise public awareness and improve mental health in society.

Jury Evaluation:

“Synergy of Health presents a two way platform for interaction between young people with mental health problems on one and medical teams on the other side. The combination of technology and medical expertise in this platform is considered as very unique by the jury. According to the jury Synergy of Health tackles a growing problem in the young population that can be easily recognised and addressed by this platform. In essence this entrepreneurial project is a synergy of digital technology with social interaction to help firstly people with mental health problems, depression, phobias, OCD and also those who want to improve their mental health, get informed, educated, seek and receive help. The main idea is to interact through mobile app any time and any place with people who need help by asking questions and receiving support from an expert team which is at disposal to all people in needs. The idea of this project can easily be scaled to other countries and regions and also in other fields of medical needs for young people. From the jury’s point of view it is always good to be there for people, especially young in need. And the positive effects from this platform can help young in needs, because of all this Synergy of Health is one of the winners of EYA 2017.” – EYA Grand Jury Report

Mentor Statement:

“Digital health is one of the global growing markets and needs disruptive technologies and business models to change the way not only ill people but more importantly the well being of healthy people will be maintained. In the future we will not only focus on patients in clinical treatments but with new forms of experiences we will support the majority of the population rather than treat every illness with chemical treatments. This will be a new global market. Synergy of Health is a good example of this new trend.” Andreas Spechtler        CEO | Silicon Castles   

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