Share on Bazaar

Original Title: Share on Bazaar
Country: Germany
Category: Connecting Cultures
Project team: Rory MacQueen, Talitha Thomas, Jarryd Hood, Khaled Atrash, Nina Martin,

Share on Bazaar is a digital platform for skill-sharing between locals and newcomers. Based on the idea that integration belongs to everyone, users can share or develop new skills, meet new friends and build a vibrant community where all perspectives and backgrounds are valued. One starts by creating a personal profile defining skills and interests, then connects with other members in the community based on location, skills and interests.

Designed with the user in mind, the platform is quick to load, accessible on all devices, intuitive and light on text. Special features include digital social currency and user feedback. Share on Bazaar is a free, fun and flexible way for newcomers and locals to build lasting relationships in all aspects of social life, ease entry to the educational and job market, as well as share linguistic, religious, political and above all cultural expression, while integrating quickly in the local culture. With a truly democratic and digital approach fostering social cohesion, Share on Bazaar can be applied in many countries.

Jury Evaluation:

“The jury found that Bazaar truly enables foreigners and locals to build lasting relationships through skill sharing, which is closing the existing gap between these 2 groups. We believe that networking with locals will help foreigners to find a job and integrate quicker in the culture. The skill sharing component, where you can both learn new skills and teach your skills to others, adds an extra value to this project. On top of this, the interface, usability and design was found great by the jury and we could see this platform easily being applied in different countries.” EYA Grand Jury Report

Mentor Statement:

“Share on Bazaar is a wonderful example of how technology can improve people’s lives.
This digital platform for skill-sharing between locals and newcomers facilitates integration and thus enables the community to benefit from diversity.
At SAP, we believe that our commitment to diversity fuels innovation and helps us to stay successful.”

Silvia Rathgeb
University Alliances Director | SAP

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