Original Title: Sammtalk
Country: Norway
Category: Connecting Cultures
Project team: Ander Delgado Sáiz, Taylor Sawyer,

SammTalk is an online platform connecting secondary school language classes internationally via video chat and online social media, so that students can practice their language skills, make foreign friends, and learn about life in other places.

The platform provides teachers with information about their assigned partner class, as well as a schedule and activities, such as shared videos and photos to get started and video chat rooms to talk in real time. Essentially, with SammTalk, groups of students are given digital pen pals and various tasks aimed at encouraging language and cultural exchange, increasing motivation to learn, while developing respect and tolerance for other peoples and places.

The SammTalk team works very closely with teachers to ensure that participation is beneficial and also easy, conscious of time use, and fun. Low student motivation and inactive learning is counter-acted in a highly efficient manner. SammTalk convinces with its playful and user-friendly approach.

Jury Evaluation:

“Sammtalk convinces with its playful and user-friendly approach. It enables students to make foreign friends and learn about life in other cultures by connecting teachers and providing engaging and easy-to-use tools for them. After almost two years of extensive user research, the project has now taken on a concrete outline and is getting ready to solve problems like low student motivation and inactive learning in an highly efficient manner.” – EYA Jury Report

Mentor Statement:

“This is an excellent platform to exchange and share in the digital era with fun and a personal touch.”

Günther Wellenzohn
Innovation Manager | Infineon

Please note that all data refer to the time of winning the Award.