Paroli Magazin

Original Title: Paroli Magazin
Country: Austria
Category: Pursue Truth!
Project team: Johanna Schwarz, Yvonne Widler, Fabian Lang, Johanna Schwarz, Yvonne Widler & Fabian Lang

Paroli is a young online magazine with a focus on society, politics and culture. Since March 2012 it provides unconventional reports on important topics, targeted at youths and young adults. The e-paper comprises seven categories and publishes stories that derive directly from the streets of Austria’s capital Vienna. Reports, interviews, analytical essays, and opinions deal with youth-related issues such as education, immigration and military service, which is still compulsory for Austrian male youths. Infographics vividly explain complex topics and thus aim to overcome the aversion many young readers show for “old-fashioned” statistics and diagrams.

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