Our Right

Original Title: Our Right
Website: http://www.voicesofwomenmedia.org
Country: Netherlands
Category: Power 2 Women
Project team:

Ilena Saturay, Asha Tiwari, Renu Arya & Catalina Diaz

Clean toilets are important for aspects such as dignity, self-esteem, personal hygiene and public health, especially for young girls. Nevertheless, they are a rarity in many regions of the world. Voices of Women Media, initiator of Our Right, aims to empower young women by teaching them to understand and utilize the strength of their voices to make a concrete change in their community and improve the toilets in the urban slums of South Delhi. The project does not only teach the participants how to use different forms of media, with an emphasis on photography, radio, and video, but also trains them in leadership skills. Armed with information, the participants will gather community support to put pressure on local government authorities to improve the condition of public toilets in their area.

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