Original Title: OTmotion
Website: https://otmotion.com/
Country: Cyprus
Category: Healthy Life
Project team: Papaioannou Petros, Charalambos Kontoyiannis, Orestis Skoutellas,

Occupation Therapy motion (OTmotion) provides smart rehabilitation devices to people with movement disabilities and transforms strenuous exercise into enjoyable games. With OTmotion’s toys and tech gadgets, kids and adults with disabilities have fun while performing exercises.

OTmotion also offers a solution for patients arriving home from the occupational therapy center to a place depleted of games and adrenaline, where passivity rules: iGloveit. This package of products and services includes a glove with sensors, a robot and cloud services. Research confirms that a live hardware robot empowers patients to not only perform at their maximum, but to really do their “homework”. Hand movements are analysed and displayed on the cloud in the form of graphs and 4D animation. Statistics allow the therapist to monitor patients’ progress and assign specific exercises. Patient and therapist needs are addressed; interesting rehabilitative devices maximize patients’ potential progress, while boosting the therapist’s tech-image and costing far less.

Jury Evaluation:

“What caught Jury’s attention with this product is the innovative approach with usage of hardware (robot) for rehabilitation purposes for people with movement disabilities and also the gamification used to incentivise people to do different excercises while playing. We all got excited about the possibility to try out the iGloveit prototype and we are also very keen on seeing what the future of this product will look like!” – EYA Grand Jury Report

Mentor Statement:

“Two more healthy years-this is the new directive of the world health organisation, the new goal for all health care providers.
It doesn’t mean, the patients won’t get ill – it means, the therapies for several diseases must be improved. And getting therapies better can only be achieved by choosing new ways and methods in treating patients.
OTmotion is a great example for a complete new approach at the Occupational Therapy. Combining latest technology with the Gamification approach, means that the patient will have fun while getting healthy!”

Michael Nebel
Health Sales Manager | T-systems Austria GesmbH

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