– learning HTML and CSS interactively

Original Title: mosaik – learning HTML and CSS interactively
Website: -
Country: Germany
Category: Smart Learning
Project team:

Fabian Schröbel, Andreas Schwarze, Christoph Gäng

 The website mosaik teaches the programming languages HTML and CSS interactively and simply. Users can explore design possibilities through trial and error, expanding their skills in the field of interaction and web design. With this knowledge, they can communicate their designs in a professional way when seeking jobs. The website has four areas: basic principles, library, tips and forum. Basic principles impart the rules of HTML and CSS through short interactive lectures. The library offers vocabulary through visual examples the user can experiment with. In the tips area, one can find useful information about web design, while the forum creates a platform for exchanging ideas between users. Mosaik provides a free and easy opportunity for everyone to learn at their own pace.

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