Original Title: Miwuki
Website: https://www.miwuki.com/index-es
Country: Spain
Category: Open Innovation
Project team: Alvaro Serrano Echalecu, Álvaro de Francisco Gonzalez,

Miwuki is a platform for the management of animal shelters offering animals for adoption. Every year millions of animals are left at shelters. Miwuki puts people wanting to adopt in direct contact with shelters. Through Miwuki, shelters are able to manage abandoned animals, their medical history, volunteers, donors, donations, statistics and more. The platform profiles each shelter, listing the animals offered for adoption and the way to make donations. Animal-care professionals and volunteers work together to improve the welfare of animals in shelters, maintain accurate homeless pet lists, provide information about the animal to ensure better matches, shorten waiting times, increase adoptions and reduce future abandonment. In just 4 months, the platform has been joined by 450 pet shelters in Spain, reached more than 40,000 users and facilitated 550 adoptions. While building a community around pet owners and animal lovers, Miwuki aims to become sustainable through crowdfunding to reach the long-term goal of one million adoptions across the globe.

Jury Evaluation:

“Although one can argue for the level of innovation, if put into the context, this is a very important initiative. This project provides a smart solution to an existing problem in Spain, and it is clear that as an idea it has been quite successful as per the data provided above. From sheltering to systematization and providing the animals with a medical card, in reality this platform gives a second chance to abandoned animals and thus plays a major role in increasing awareness over animals and our duty to treat them correctly. At the same time, the projects provide hands-on information for any individual that is interested to adopt a pet. The only flaw with the project is that for adoption, the adopter would have to pay a tax, however knowing that these taxes are used for maintenance of the shelters, we consider that the project is successful. We strongly believe that if implemented with this pace, Miwuki could be a worldwide project, as the majority of the countries around the globe need to do more for animals in our planet.” – EYA Grand Jury Report

Mentor Statement:

 ” I am personally very fond of Miwuki, its idea and implementation. It really provides a smart solution for a big challenge in Spain and also in many other parts of the world. Miwuki’s success and impact in the past months proves that a lot of people care and want to do more for animals on our planet. Miwuki has a great potential to grow and be successful all around the globe. I am truly excited to see this initiative taking off. Congratulations to the winning team! Your spirit and engagement is outstanding and one can see how much you personally care about your initiative! I wish you all the best for your future!”

André Perchthaler Senior Manager Global Digital Solutions | NXP                 

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