Original Title: LiGENCE
Country: Lithuania
Category: Fostering Health
Project team: Justinas Balčiūnas, Arnas Karužas, Dovydas Matuliauskas, Justinas Mileris, Karolis Šablauskas, Laurynas Skrodenis, Eligija Teleišytė, Dovydas Verikas,

LiGENCE is a software incorporating algorithms that will integrate with existing ultrasound machines and automate 2D echocardiography analysis protocol. The tool embraces advances in computer vision, artificial intelligence and deep learning specifically. LiGENCE uses a number of neural networks for automating different parts of 2D echocardiography examination. The focus is to reduce the time spent on measurements and report writing by half. Also increase accuracy, decrease inter-operator variability, reduce echocardiography learning curve for junior physicians and ability to integrate into different ultrasound machines or Picture Archiving and Communicating System (PACS).

Jury Evaluation:

We chose LiGENCE in the FOSTERING HEALTH category as it touches (literally) our hearts. By automating manual tasks and reducing the time needed to perform a cardiac ultrasound, LiGENCE is software that makes a 2D echocardiography more accessible. A strong Lithuanian team convinced us that both patients and physicians are benefiting of this technology that involves artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer vision. We believe that their daring business plan puts on the market a great solution to be scaled up. – EYA Jury report

Mentor Statement:

“It is a pleasure for me to be Mentor for this team around the project LiGENCE! Artificial Intelligence, machine and deep learning are some of the most important technologies right now. The use of these technologies, especially for measurements for detecting cardiovascular disease, is really a great idea and the reduction of waiting time to get results saves lives! The development of such tools and solutions in the field of health care allows physicians to have more time for their patients by saving time in diagnostics.
I’m sure that LiGENCE’s integration in different ultrasound machines or Picture Archiving and Communicating Systems (PACS) has a great and positive impact for their Go-to-market strategy. Also the idea of their business model sounds good and should be successful!
Congratulation to the whole team for their courage, creativity and knowledge! All the best!“

Wolfgang Schaffer | Authorized Signatory & Senior Project Manager | bit media e-solutions GmbH

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