– The mobile guide for refugees

Original Title: Integreat
Country: Germany
Category: Connecting Cultures
Project team: Sven Seeberg, Bengin Özdil, Janine Rosenbaum, Max Ammann, Fritjof Knier, Daniel Kehne, Clara Bracklo,

Integreat is a multilingual, platform-independent mobile app and website offering essential information for starting life in a new place, whether as expat or refugee. With 5000 downloads, the database is a free one-stop guide for using public transport, choosing a mobile network operator, registering with a doctor or learning a local language. The solution is easily scalable across countries, content can be filled in by volunteers from cities offering a culture of welcome to new inhabitants.

Integreat is the solution to pressing integration challenges, providing easy-to-use infrastructure for municipalities to feature local information in multiple languages on smartphones. While content and structure are determined by municipalities, technical implementation and support is provided by Integreat. The multilingual app offers an offline mode, as a data flat rate is uncommon among new arrivals. Keeping pace with social developments; the latest extension has a plug-in for employer associations offering internships and jobs.

Jury Evaluation:

“It is hard to believe that in this digital era, abundant with content and most topics just a click away, it can be very difficult, nearly impossible to obtain basic information on things like using public transport, choosing mobile network operator, registering with a doctor or learning a local language. Anyone who lived aboard, though, probably wished there was one central place for all such information. A database on all the basic things that are paramount when moving to a foreign country, especially if this country is culturally distant from home. This issue is even greater for refugees, who in many cases, don’t even speak a local language.
Integreat is the solution for this problem. A database that reduces clutter, takes away official talk and presents only necessary and relevant information on basic yet essential things for starting a new life in a new place. Integreat’s focus is refugees, however it can be used by anyone moving to a new place. The solution is easily scalable across countries as content part can be filled by volunteers from any city, wishing to be welcoming to its new inhabitants. On top of that, all information is presented in multiple languages so a person in need of such information can choose his or her own language.
Information on 19 is already on the app which has more than 5000 downloads. We’d love to see the content presentation evolving over time and become a bit more interactive, nevertheless, Integreat is a simple, yet very necessary solution.” – EYA Grand Jury Report

Mentor Statement:

“I have recently attended an event where refugees univocally stated that finding all the necessary information on basic things like getting around, signing up with a doctor an similar is a big challenge. And while it seems quite an easy solution to implement, it requires enormous amount of time and resources to gather necessary information for this platform be useful. To me Integreat has solved this issue very elegantly. They’ve built their platform to be scalable and easy to adapt virtually to any location by having volunteers gather and publish information. I’m really looking forward to meeting the team and exchanging ideas on how to make Integreat even more useful and put into more hands of those in need.”

Odeta Iseviciute
Online and Mobile Marketing Expert | Adcanon

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