In a multicolor chip - Cyborg Project

Original Title: In a multicolor chip - Cyborg Project
Country: Spain
Category: Create your culture!
Project team:

Isaac Martínez Rovira, Joey Cumeras Khan, Pep Parés, Arnau Costa & Roger Soldevila Fíguls

Xip Multicolor turns people into cyborgs. No, not to use them as war machines, but to widen their senses and capabilities by creating and applying cybernetic extensions to the human body. Founder and first guinea pig of the Initiative is Neil Harbisson, who was born colorblind. Already in 2004 he and his team of creative heads developed an electric eye that transcribes colors into sounds. Today, the “Eyeborg” is available in its 6th generation. The high-tech device allows colorblind people to experience the world of colorations in real-time. At the moment, the cam-earplug combination works for external use only, but a chip-implant is currently being developed. Moreover, an interactive audio-visual documentary about the project and an Eyeborg-app are to be released soon.

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