– Empowering and equipping girls to shape the future with tech

Original Title: imagiLabs
Country: Sweden
Category: Smart Learning
Project team: Paula Dozsa, Beatrice Ionascu, Dora Palfi,

imagiLabs makes coding fun for teenage girls. Technology is the key to the future and young women need entry-level opportunities to overcome the lack of diversity in the tech industry. imagiLabs is a community where girls between 12-16 get creative with mobile first tools and gadgets customisable through programming. Powered by gamification, the community aims to train the leaders of tomorrow to shape the future of innovation.

imagiLabs offers a mobile platform, programmable accessories and a community to teach programming. The mobile application introduces users to coding in a fun, tangible and engaging way, removing a large barrier to getting started. This is a cool device with which girls can express their personality through program/code via the mobile application, using the device as an accessory attached to a backpack or purse. The biggest value of imagiLabs comes from the community of girls interested in technology that is growing through the app. Who said IT is not for girls?

Jury Evaluation:

This projects allies with some of the struggles IT industry recognizes, lack of girls in coding and generally in IT industry. Some of the reasons are general belief that IT is not girlish staff, and young girls are not introduced into the IT in early teenage years. The product developed by imagiLab, under name ImagiCharm targets girls aged 11-16, cool device which they can program/code via mobile application, expressing their personality and using device as an accessory which they can attach to backpacks/pursues. The product is in production phase, pre-orders are in place. Excellent product to early introduction of girls to coding and still considered to be enough girlish to be adopt by girls. – EYA Jury report

Mentor Statement:

“ImagiLabs addresses one of the biggest challenges of the IT industry. Skilled workers are currently in short supply worldwide, while young women rarely come into contact with this job profile or choose it for their further professional qualification. Motivating young women for these kinds of professional careers is also a target we at COPA-DATA are embedding in our daily work. I am pleased to accompany the ImagiLabs on this way for a short time.”

Reinhard Mayr | Head of Information Security and Research Operation | COPA-DATA

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