– Shortening and Digitizing the Food Supply Chain

Original Title: - Shortening and Digitizing the Food Supply Chain
Country: Denmark
Category: Go Green
Project team: Mathilde Jakobsen, Filipe Leal,

Fresh.Land is an online platform helping farmers to sell to retailers just-in-time with adequate scale and digital infrastructure, bypassing middlemen to provide fresher food. To reach the table the conventional way, fruits and vegetables are filled with chemicals, often spending months in storage before reaching stores. The long supply chain is the key source of greenhouse gases and enormous waste – up to 40% of all food produced. Using Fresh.Land, farmers upload their availability, retailers order with one click and Fresh.Land ensures delivery through external partners. Finally, everyone rates each other in a user review and feedback system to guarantee quality. Farmers deliver from tree to store in days, instead of months — with 60% less chemicals, 88% less CO² emissions from storage, and 10% less food waste. In addition to quick market access, Fresh.Land provides a wiki disseminating best practices, to make farmers’ work more sustainable. Fresh.Land is a win-win for all. Farmers receive a greater share of the profits. Retailers source better products at lower costs. Consumers benefit from fresher produce.

Jury Evaluation:

“Many times “going green” includes being more efficient and that’s what Fresh.Land is about. Cutting out the unnecessary middlemen one can reduce the harm done to the environment drastically. Fresh.Land nicely connects all the key partners in the process and makes the process smooth. They’ve had a great start already, and one can expect the story to continue in the direction of a greener Europe.” – EYA Grand Jury Report

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