Forest and Climate

The Forest and Climate project is an online platform to ensure successful afforestation, the process of planting trees in a barren landscape to create a forest.  Once considered a mere mitigation measure to absorb carbon dioxide, afforestation is now seen as a solution to tackle climate change. Moreover, illegal tree cutting in Serbia in the recent years has motivated many individuals, organisations and companies to plant trees. These efforts are often misguided, due to lack of knowledge.

The Forest and Climate project uses a platform-generated algorithm with nine criteria and more than 20 sub-criteria to identify the most suitable areas in Serbia for three different tree species (silver birch, sessile oak and black pine). Using satellite and Earth observation data, and a geographic information system to apply the algorithm, results can be seen on an interactive map. Users can check suitability, plant the appropriate tree and mark its location on the map. Particularly heartening is the team of enthusiastic students and experts behind the project. Remember to first plant, then hug!

Jury Evaluation:

Forest and climate project, coming from Serbia, has been selected as a winner for European youth award in the Planet friendly category. Via online platform, Forest and climate project gives information about the suitability of a specific location for specific tree species. The team of enthusiastic students and experts used satellite and geographic data to apply the algorithm for successful afforestation. – EYA Jury report

Please note that all data refer to the time of winning the Award.