– Save it All!

Original Title: FoodLoop – Save it All!
Country: Germany
Category: Go Green
Project team: Mehrad Rafigh, Fabian Z., Marcel Schaeben, Tobias Müller-Dechent, Christoph Müller-Dechent, Florian Ertel, Philippa Main, Brian Abeykoon,

FoodLoop offers the first consumer app with a backend tied to retailers’ Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), reducing food waste of perishable items close to their “best before date” (BBD). About 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted worldwide every year: following the “Freshness-Policy”, retailers dispose of fresh products and even beverages and dairy, long before their BBD. Using its B2B2C platform to inform consumers in real time on mobiles about products on sale, FoodLoop reduces food waste, increases revenue for grocery retailers and cheaper groceries for consumers, and above all, protects the environment by promoting a more sustainable retail industry.

FoodLoop makes for a positive eco-friendly change in consumer behavior and adds social value by donating part of its revenue to charities.

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