– 3D real-time surface for partially sighted and blinds

Original Title: Eyelight
Website: https://www.eyelight.tech/
Country: Israel
Category: Open Innovation
Project team: Or Litman,

Eyelight is a 3D real-time product for partially sighted and blind people. Based on the substitution of sight by hearing and touch, the app helps people to interact independently. Although there were 253M partially sighted and blind people worldwide in 2019, the most common solutions are still guide canes and dogs. Individuals with sight impairment have difficulty in functioning competently in every-day circumstances, leading to avoidance of new places and a serious lack of cultural, social and profes-sional experiences.

Eyelight is based on inputs from a wearable 3D camera that captures the situation in front of the user. After analysing the input, Eyelight transfers essential information to the user via voice instructions, for instance, about traffic lights or GPS guidelines. In addition, users get a physical 3D illustration of their surroundings through a smartphone-sized tactile surface. Based on these in-puts, users can touch, feel and understand the dynamics surrounding them in real-time. Get active with Eyelight!

Jury Evaluation:

This ambitious project is designed to improve the everyday life of more than 250 million visually impaired people. The system is based on wearable 3D cameras capturing the surrounding in front of the user. After analyzing the data by using artificial intelligence, the users get essential information (such as traffic lights) via voice instructions. In addition, through a smartphone-sized tactile surface, the users will get a physical 3D illustration of the surrounding. The breakthrough approach is that the users can touch, feel, and understand their surrounding in real-time.
Because of the high level of innovation, the jury felt this work is engaging and very inspiring. – EYA Jury report

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