– E-commerce powered Fundraising for Nonprofits

Original Title: eSolidar - E-commerce powered Fundraising for Nonprofits
Country: Portugal
Category: Money Matters
Project team: Rui Ramos, Miguel Vieira, Filipa Barros, Joel Calheiros, Marco Barbosa,

eSolidar practises e-commerce powered fundraising for nonprofits by building an Angel List for nonprofits, connecting them with sellers, volunteers, brands, donors, foundations and philanthropists. Three-quarters of nonprofit organizations’ time is spent on fundraising – not on serving their mission.

eSolidar boosts awareness of nonprofits and sustainability through social impact tools. Using a profit share revenue model, a commission is applied on every transaction. Everyone gains when a purchase is made: the one who brings the user to the platform or leads the purchase, as well as the seller and the nonprofit. eSolidar demonstrates how companies adopting a social and solidarity mindset can do business model innovation – by thinking we-commerce not me-commerce.

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