Erase all Kittens (E.A.K)

Original Title: Erase all Kittens (E.A.K)
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Smart Learning
Project team: Leonie Van Der Linde, Dee Saigal, Shwetal Shah,

Erase All Kittens is a web-based platform game that teaches girls aged 8-14 real coding languages, eliminating their fear of technology by gamifying the learning process. Only a quarter of girls know anything about coding, most see it as ‘more for boys’. This beautifully designed project provides an innovative way to help close the gender gap in technology. Disruptive of expectations and immersed in the culture of the target audience, Erase all Kittens lets users laugh and learn while advancing through the immersive story with interactive dialogue and engaging rewards.

The rich characters and insanely funny narrative are incredibly engaging to girls. As players progress, they can edit the code governing the game environment, learning HTML syntax by building and fixing levels as they play. In-built teaching and assessment tools provide an easy method for educators to teach this subject. In future, the game will offer HTML, CSS and Javascript in a ‘learning-by-doing’ way to build real websites and web apps. Erase All Kittens inspires girls to code, becoming creators rather than consumers of technology while promoting gender equality.

Mentor Statement:

“Beautiful, playful design with a positive and needed purpose, Erase all Kittens acts as a teaching tool as well as an engaging form of contemporary entertainment. There is a great desire to get our kids into coding, yet this is an area of development that suffers in terms of gender equality. It is vital that we get young women involved in this sector, and this project attempts to do just that in a fun, interactive and logical way. The jury found great pleasure in playing through the demo levels, during which we smiled, we laughed but also learnt a little along the way. The character design and insanely funny narrative are the key here, and within seconds of play the jury felt a great attachment to this work finding it engaging, inspiring and smile inducing.” 

Manar AlHashash
eContent Alchemist & Activist, Board of Directors, World Summit Award (WSA)

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