Clean City

Original Title: Ville Propre
Country: Morocco
Category: Go Green
Project team: Mostapha El Alaoui, Mustapha Amraoui, Mouhsin Bour Qaiba,

Clean City is a user-friendly mobile app enabling active citizens to effectively notify municipal authorities of polluted places and to ensure proper follow-up. By feeding pictures and geo location of the polluted area – e.g. overflowing waste bins – to the app, information is immediately shared with officials and also online. The app awards the user with virtual points for taking responsibility, redeemable for a phone top up, a restaurant voucher, a discount coupon and more.

The system encourages involvement by providing waste bags through partners for citizen sorting – awarding more points. High traffic proves the app to be right on: over 6,000 complaints, more than 10,000 app downloads, 80% active users, over 6,000 monthly visitors to the website and more than 20 partners. Given the pollution of public spaces in Morocco, Clean City demonstrates great social and environmental impact by involving a broad cross-section of citizens, public administrators and business partners, a great success story.

Jury Evaluation:

“The Grand Jury believes that this Mobile App does not only encourage active citizenship by using a technical innovation but also shows a great social and environmental impact. Given the current pollution of public spaces in Morocco, the team applies a Mobile App solution to overcome an existing problem and encourages citizens to take active ownership of their city. The general idea of using mobile apps combined with a reward system is not entirely new but has been tailor-made to perfectly fit the needs for its users in Morocco. We would especially like to highlight the broad involvement of various partners to this project – active citizens, public administration as well as businesspartners – which makes “Ville Propre” a success story.”– EYA Grand Jury Report

Mentor Statement:

“Day by day it is becoming more important to teach people to care about their city.
It is great to see how the team managed to create an award winning project to make their city clean. 
As this is a global challenge, I am sure the team will get the product to the global level.
I am also impressed by the number of app downloads and the user reward system. 
The best way to make real impact is to give people tools and make them participate, Clean City did it.”

Arman Atoyan
Co-Founder and CEO |ARLOOPA

Please note that all data refer to the time of winning the Award.