– Do what you love

Original Title: BuddyMe - Do what you love
Website: https://buddyme.me/
Country: Austria
Category: Connecting Cultures
Project team: Barbara Schön, Thomas Buchsteiner, Michael Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber, Andreas Viehhauser,

Buddyme is a web application which connects people living in the same city who don’t know each other, but share the same interests. Counteracting urban loneliness and cyberbullying, the app enables real contacts and relationships. Buddyme is geo-located: when an interest or activity is posted– others see how far it is away from them. To join you need to buddy, that is, to connect through a short message with a phone number. All further communication is done via text messages or phone calls.

BuddyMe is safe, asks for log-in data only and deletes all posts within seven days. Instead of lingering in front of screens chatting, flipping through pictures or trying to find out about others, Buddyme gets people to connect in real life, discover new activities and spend fun time together.

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