Blood Donor

Original Title: Dhuruesi i gjakut
Country: Kosovo
Category: Fostering Health
Project team: Arber Kukaj, Mensur Osmani, Fidan Uka,

Blood Donor is a combined system of mobile and web applications developed for the National Centre for Blood Transfusion in Kosovo to spread the word when blood is urgently needed. Authorized users send a push notification from the web app to the mobile apps of chosen groups, requesting specific blood donations. The app targets only those who have rested enough since their last donation. People notified can then confirm if they will donate blood. The mobile app offers statistics such as the number of donations for a given user or the quantity of blood donated. The NCBT can send notifications about future campaigns, with details and exact locations appearing in the mobile app. Blood Donor stands out with a simple and easy to use design, ensures collaboration with local officials and delivers an effective process. With the use of new technologies and its great social value, the project is a clear winner, showing potential for creating solutions outside of its native Kosovo.

Jury Evaluation:

Blood Donor stands out by clearly solving a problem in an efficient manner. With a simple and easy to use design, collaboration with the local officials and an effective process, the project is a clear winner. We appreciate the use of new technologies and the great social value it has. We also see great potential in the solution outside of its native Kosovo. – EYA Jury report

Mentor Statement:

“The project Blood Donor combines the advantages of mobile technology and social networks to address a basic medical need for which other people’s willingness to help is required. Using the capabilities of modern technology and communication, it does so in a cost-efficient and user-friendly way. With its simple approach, Blood Donor significantly enhances the available public infrastructure, improving the efficiency and quality of the blood-donation process. I am convinced that it will prove effective. I congratulate the project team for the initiative and creativity in addressing a widely spread medical need, wishing that this solution finds many applications, in Kosovo and beyond.” Sava Dalbokov  Member of the Managing Board | Steiermärkische Bank

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