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Original Title: Aivy
Country: Germany
Category: Managing Life
Project team: Arbnor Raci, David Biller, Florian Dyballa, Boas Bamberger,

Aivy is a mobile app that helps young people, especially teenagers who are uncertain about their professional future, and need help in choosing the right career. Every year about 30 % of apprentices and students drop out. In addition, about 30 % of employees want to start over, causing high costs for the economy, but also for the individuals themselves. With a simple user-friendly design, playful application and profound content based on expert psychological data, Aivy is a clear winner.

The app discovers hidden potential with engaging psychometric tests, stimulates self-reflection about the user’s vocational identity, and helps find a job that truly fits the user’s potentials and life circumstances.

In its alpha version, Aivy was able to predict the job preferences of about 300 test-users with 14% higher accuracy than the gold standard in psychological testing for career counselling. What’s more, 9 out of 10 of these users rated Aivy as more engaging than currently available services. Aivy is sure to make a broad impact in the field of career planning. Follow your dream job.

Jury Evaluation:

AIVY is an ideal solution for all teenagers who do not know how to create their future career shape. With a simple and user-friendly design, playful application and deep content based on expert psychological data, the project is a clear winner. We appreciate the use of modern innovative technologies and their broad impact in the application. The project will provide clarity to many young people and provide companies with the right and motivated employees – EYA Jury report

Mentor Statement:

„Aivy supports young people in making a complex and really important decision when shaping their future and helps in making the right carrier choice. As a teenager this is rather challenging. Even if you already have a vision of your professional future. Because of this I really appreciate the benefits Aivy brings to young people by helping them to discover and learn about their potentials and vocations. Moreover, anyone willing to change their job or uncertain about their professional future can benefit from Aivy.
But Aivy doesn’t simply provide career counselling it also closes the gap between applicant and employer by bringing them together. Companies can publish job advertisements via Aivy so young people can directly apply for suitable jobs matching their skills and vocational identity. Thus having also companies benefit from Aivy by getting the right and motivated employees.
Besides using modern innovative technologies, its counselling approach and having a holistic view of the job market creating a novel talent-sourcing channel is what makes Aivy an outstanding project to me.“

Thomas Lakner | Frontend Mobile Team Leader | Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH

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