Aha Design – Empowering Youth Jobseekers

Original Title: Aha Design – Empowering Youth Jobseekers
Website: http://www.ahadesign.co.uk
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Money Matters
Project team: Marten Wetterberg, Iman Fadaei,

Aha Design fights youth unemployment by connecting talented unemployed youngsters with businesses through a freelance platform. While youth unemployment remains at 20% in the UK and current solutions prove ineffective, Aha Design offers income to youth, rather than training or work experience. Partnering with charities, the project targets unemployed youth from all backgrounds: its unique business model focuses on the real needs of business clients and leverages existing skills of youth within that framework.

A pilot project engaged orphans, homeless and recent immigrants, all of whom were successfully supported. Aha Design acted as a digital agency working with clients in a way they understand and managing all freelancers internally, to provide training, web design and development services.


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