Zorica Velkovska

Job title: Founder & Project Manager

Project: mCommunity
Website: https://goo.gl/Y9qhpE

Zorica is the founder of the Center for Social Innovations BLINK 42-21, developing innovative digital solutions to meet social challenges in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. She is an experienced project manager and team leader of young and creative individuals sharing the vision that innovation – the creation and adoption of new ideas – is the key to human progress, prosperity and happiness!
Having a L.L.M in International Business Law at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”- Skopje and graduate Intensive Program in EU Law and Economics at Riga Graduate School of Law, Zorica has worked on educational, production and media projects in various positions in the civil society and business sector. Also she was the youngest Associate in the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs in the Government of Republic of Macedonia and part of the working group during the Visa liberalization process with the EU. She is Co-author of the book "The name issue- Greece and Macedonia" (published 2008).
Zorica is a member of the Digital Communication Network, 5.500 members strong collaborative global network of professional civil society leaders, new media specialist, entrepreneurs, lawmakers and communication professionals. She is Alumni fellow of the U.S. State Department Professionals Exchange Program and Alumni member of the European Law Students Association (ELSA). Zorica is speaker, certified trainer for simulation games and former National swimming champion. She is fluent in Macedonian, English and Serbian.
mCommunity (мЗаедница) is inspired of the project „Engaged youth for m-participation” implemented by the Center for Social Innovations Blink 42-21 and supported by the Civic Engagement Project-North Macedonia. Our team had a vision to redefine the concept of civic participation by introducing new and innovative ways through which citizens can influence their local communities.

We applied for the EYA 2019 with strong will to promote mCommunity and the concept of mobile participation (m-participation) as an innovative digital solution to increase civic participation in the actions and decision-making process at the local level. Our mobile app empowers citizens and the local government to create their best community!
Our team, partners, supporters and the pilot Municipality of Karpos are very happy and glad that we jointly developed and implemented mCommunity as Digital Solution with Imact on Society.

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