Vladimir Ćurić

Job title: Researcher

Project: Forest and Climate
Website: sumeiklima.org

Vladimir Ćurić graduated from elementary and high school in his hometown Zrenjanin (Republic of Serbia). In 2015, he enrolled Faculty of Geography – University of Belgrade, and he is now finishing his final year of bachelor degree, the programme of Geospatial and Environmental Science. Vladimir volunteered at the "Earth Day" event at the Faculty of Geography (on April 19, 2019). As a young scientific researcher, he participated in several scientific conferences. At the GIS Forum (on May 14, 2019) he received the award for the best student scientific paper "GIS APPLICATION IN THE SELECTION OF CONSTRUCTION SITES FOR SOLAR POWER PLANTS IN NIŠ DISTRICT" as a co-author. Vladimir is also a member of the editorial board of the Faculty Magazine "Ecogea". He is interested in environmental protection and GIS – Geographic Information Systems.

First and foremost, I am coming to the EYA festival to acquire new experience and make new friendships, new contacts and get new knowledge. It is always good to acquire insight into how working abroad feels like.
Also, I would like to visit Graz and all famous sights and symbols of this beautiful city.

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