Victoria Mandefield

Job title: Project Manager

Project: Soliguide

Victoria has been volunteering for years on the streets of France, to help homeless people and refugees. At the time, she was an engineering student and was baffled by how little digital tools were used in the social field. However, she believed that new technologies could, and should, be used to have an even greater social impact. The first obvious problem was information: there was no way for homeless people to easily access information about where they can find food, shelter for the day, showers, employment help, etc. Victoria thus launched the solidarity guide Soliguide: a platform and interactive kiosks that allows for everyone to find the information they need.

I am honoured to have been selected as a winner for the EYA and to be part of the EYA Community with my project, Soliguide. I look forward meeting with all the other amazing projects and people taking part in the EYA Festival!"

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