Taylor Sawyer

Job title: Co-Founder

Project: Sammtalk
Website: http://www.sammtalk.com/

Taylor is the co-founder of SammTalk, an Oslo-based educational technology startup. She is also a current PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow’s Department of Urban Studies, researching children and young people’s participation in urban planning. She is an avid runner, reader, and chef. Taylor’s mother tongue is English, and she is learning Spanish and Norwegian.

We see the mission of our startup, plus Taylor’s research and Ander’s work as a teacher, as a part of broader efforts to enhance the growing up experiences of children and young people in the communities where we live. So the opportunity to connect with others working in the same sphere just made sense, and that’s why we applied for EYA.
We’re really pleased to have been selected as a winner in the Connecting Cultures category and we are looking forward to congratulate, and bond with the other winners at the EYA Festival in Graz."

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