Slobodan Cvijovic

Job title: Team Leader

Project: Synergy of Health

Slobodan Cvijovic is a marketing manager with over 10 years of experience, transforming customer relations to that of valued business partner. He manages the agency’s largest accounts, serving as the primary liaison between agency staff, client marketing teams, and outsourced contractors. Slobodan defines client requirements, project parameters, and guides teams in the development and delivery of campaign strategy and multimedia collateral.
In past 10 years Slobodan has worked with some major International Clients, as well as produced videos, apps, animations, web sites, and other marketing communication elements.

Main idea behind this project, is to spread the awarness of the Mental Health topic, that is very important, but has very little presence in todays society topics and news. So participating in EYA is one huge step towards our goal."

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