Sana Hawasly

Job title: Co-founder & CEO

Project: Daraty

Sana Hawasly is an entrepreneur and a pioneer of electronics education for children in Syria and the Arabic-speaking world. She firmly believes that education empowers Syrian youth to join an interconnected world. Sana co-founded Daraty, a simplified electronics toolkit for children, where she is constantly looking for new opportunities and fresh ways to innovate, taking part in management of the team, development of scientific content, and market research. She is also a main contributor and organizer at Wikilogia, an innovation community in Damascus.
She was one of the first to introduce the Syrian community to the Arduino board in 2011, helped start a community of enthusiasts called Fablogia, created the Wikilogia Hackerspace, and the first Syria Fab Lab.

We are extremely thrilled to have Daraty selected as an EYA winner! We’re happy our ongoing effort is receiving recognition on the global entrepreneurial scene considering all the challenges we’re going through.
We believe in the importance of being part of a community where we can connect with others, and exchange acquired knowledge and experiences. EYA will help shed more light on our project, connect us to potential partners and investors and launch Daraty into a larger world of opportunities."

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