Rui Ramos

Job title: Financial department

Project: eSolidar

Rui soon fell in love withinformation and communication technologies, having almost hisentire academic career made ​​in ICT. Also during the academic path started a business project with a friend, creating a brand in services datacenter. The brand is still active and has 10 years of existence.
Later they founded their emrpesarial project creating a company in the area of web development and mobile. The seventh has five years of activity and already has countless projects and developed a wide portfolio of clients in various areas.
Today Rui is envolved in eSolidar project, being responsible for the financial area of ​​the company responsible for developing the same. eSolidars’mission is to empower the community to increase the visibility and sustainability of nonprofit organizations through technological tools and social impact.

'You are the next generation of entrepreneurs who do not only care about money and profit, but also provide value to the society and improve lives. I expect to receive feedback, show my startup and create new contacts that could allow us to achieve our next milestone. Of course I’m happy to be selected. It means that there is value recognised, not only in Portugal, but in Europe.'

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