Riccardo Sonnino

Job title: Project Manager

Project: Ethicjobs
Website: https://www.ethicjobs.com/

Bachelor's degree in Tourism Studies at Università Sapienza of Roma and Master's degree in Economics and Management at University of Bologna. His academic background included internships, group works and case studies in the field of tourism.
Riccardo’s road happened to cross the world of startups after winning the Junior Creatives prize in a contest of the NGO Europeana. After that he completed an incubation in Sapienza and took part to the event „Europeana Culture Jam 201“ in Vienna, where he presented his project about preservation of digital cultural heritage and the diffusion of european culinary traditions.
After joining the Ethicjobs team his experience proved useful in the development of the product, thequestionnaire, key element of Ethicjobs‘ service, and in the research of strategic partners.

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