Monika Jandrevska

Job title: Front-end developer

Project: mCommunity

Monika Jandrevska is an experienced web and mobile developer. She is a Chief Operating Officer in Reform Solution Center – a small web and mobile dev studio in Skopje, North Macedonia. She has shown interest in mathematics and computer science since youngest age.
Monika is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, graduating at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of st. Cyril and Methodius. She is currently enrolled as a master student in Software Engineering at the same university.
She has special interest in front-end and mobile development, believing that technology can change the world. She is also working as a remote front-end developer in a company called Changers.

This was my first project with Blink 42-21. I joint the team of young, talented and creative people and we spent more than 5 months in developing the app. But we are still working on the udates and improvmets. All the team members are very delighted to work on this innovative application and bring the technology closer to the citizens and the employees in the municipalities.
We developed mCommunity (мЗаедница) an innovative platform - a bridge between the citizens and the local community.

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