Milan Tanceski

Job title: Executive director

Project: mCommunity

Milan Tanceski is co-founder of the Center za Social Innovations Blink 42-21. Milan has long-term expiriance in the civil society in Macedonia working on development and implementation of projects from the field of non-profit communications as well as on promotion of social innovations practicess as vehicle for social change.
As part of Blink42-21 Milan is constantly engaged in identifying social areas which could benefit from improved capabilities and relationships and/or better use of assets and resources”. This includes working with governmental and educational innstitutions, cultural haritage sector, creative industries etc.

mCommunity (мЗаедница) is an innovative platform - a bridge between the citizens and the local community. But its a digital tool that can engage, provide participation, bring the trust of the local authorities, increase transparency in the communities and contribute to more efficient municipalities.
We applied for EYA because we are lead our team with the idea that technology can be used for good, can strength the communities and will have a social impact on specific local issues. We are happy that this was recognized and awarded.

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