Miguel Vieira

Job title: CTO

Project: eSolidar
Website: https://eu-youthaward.org/winning-project/esolidar-e-commerce-powered-fundraising-for-nonprofits/

Right now Miguel is CTO (co-founder) of eSolidar (www.esolidar.com), He works as a technologist at all levels in organization of many different sizes. Besides being a technology strategy advisor, he likes to program and develop the best solution for those who need it most and for the world. B'eSolidar. Miguel is co-founder of Sétima and responsible for managing team with core competencies in the fields of web and software development.

Sétima (www.setima.pt) was founded in 2008 and is a company specialized on web development and datacenter solutions (euestouaqui.pt). Sétima offers standard or customized backoffice for web applications or website.

'I expect to receive feedback, show my startup and create new contacts that could allow us to achieve our next milestone.'

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