Maurice Khudhir

Job title: Co-Founder & CMO

Project: StudySmarter

Maurice is a business management graduate from Munich. Maurice grew up in Munich but was born in Khanaqin, Irak. At the age of 2, Maurice moved to Munich together with his parents and his brother to pursue brighter careers and to access the highest standards of education. Moreover, Maurice worked in multiple enterprises and in tier 1 consultancies before he decided to found StudySmarter. Founding StudySmarter was the logical consequence for him as he always felt that the daily job one pursues must have some kind of positive social impact and serve a bigger vision and goal.

I believe that education is the key for societal progess and the solution for many of the problems societies face at the moment. We need to make education more accessible for everyone and use the possibilities of the digital age to really empower everyone to achieve their educational goals. It must not be that students drop out of university and give up on their dream occupation just because the education system is not suited for this specific individual. We must leverage modern technology to provide everyone the ability to succeed in their studies.”

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