Marko Pajovic

Job title: Co-ordinator Assistant

Project: Forest and Climate

Marko Pajovic is a freelance researcher with a focus on international relations, EU, and space policies. In 2017 he founded Serbian Case for Space Foundation which acts as an independent platform for developing national space policies and strategies. In 2018 he attended an International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, where he presented a paper on the issue of legal use of satellite data: Case of Republic of Serbia. He is also one of the executive members on project "Forest and Climate" which won several awards both domestic and international. In 2019, together with a group of colleagues, he initiated the "SpaceHub" project in Belgrade, which specializes in space-related activities. Also, he has an experience in human rights watch since he coordinated with NGOs in Serbia on different projects regarding this issue.

Let’s save the planet.

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