Kristijan Trajkovski

Job title: Full-stack developer

Project: mCommunity

Kristijan Trajkovski is an experienced web, mobile and game developer, and a co-owner and lead developer at Dark-1 – an independent game studio based in Skopje, Macedonia. Kristijan has been programming algorighms since he was 15, and has attended numerous algorithm programming contests, hackanthons and game jams, and winning numerous awards (Global Game Jam 2013 winner, Nordeus Hackathon 3 winner, Macedonian Olympiad of Informatcs 2012 bronze).
Kristijan is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and engineering, graduating at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of st. Cyril and Methodius.
Kristijan started his professional experience as a backend web developer, working at „Beyond Basics“ on various PHP and Node.js B2B solutions. After working in web for 5 years, he switched to video games, and got hired at „Tesseract Interactive“, where he worked on a PC game called „Excubitor“. After the project was done, he got hired at „Knapnok Games“ where he worked on various game concepts and prototypes. Kristijan then founded Dark-1 together with his teammates.

I work with Blink 42-21 for the last 3 years in developing innovative solutions for their projects. I develop mobile and web apps, digital platforms, serious games and VR apps. It was a challenge for me to join the team to develop the mCommunity app because I have never developed projects for improvement of public services. We spent more of 5 months in joint work with the municipality of Karposh and was great experience to provide solution that has social impact. I’m very happy that the app is used by the citizens and has great impact in the community.

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