Karolis Šablauskas

Job title: CTO & Machine Learning specialist

Project: LiGENCE
Website: https://www.ligence.io/

Dr Karolis Šablauskas is a resident physician in clinical genetics at Vilnius University and Radboud University Medical Center as well as a professional member of the ESC. Together with Vilnius University Team he has won gold medal in the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition in 2016 and the grand prize in 2017. Dr Šablauskas was the Chairman of Lithuanian Junior Doctors Association in 2018 and teaches the course “AI for Medical Doctors”. He is a self-taught AI specialist but has already proven his expertise by winning The Kaggle online competitions of AI applications. Dr Šablauskas is responsible for the technical side of the project, developing best available algorithms. He combines both, his medical knowledge and his machine learning expertise to move LiGENCE forward quicker than any competitors could.

We are very excited that Europe is interested in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence in medicine. We hope that Europeans will be the leaders in bringing science to the real world instead of keeping it in the laboratory.

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