Hans Peter Gürtner

Job title: Project Lead

Project: Boxwise
Website: https://www.boxwise.co/

Hans studied Physics and for his Master he decided to specialized in Computational and Statistical Physics. Since then, he concentrated more and more on the statistical and computational part of the field instead of Physics. He worked as a Statistician, which lead him to start studying part-time Statistics/Data Science at the moment.
During the last two years he worked on and off in refugee camps in Greece and was responsible for the sourcing and distribution of donations like clothes and food. It was during this time that he started Boxwise, together with other volunteers.

We are very honored that Boxwise got selected as an EYA winner. We believe in the importance of being part of a community where we can connect with others, and exchange acquired knowledge and experiences. EYA will help shed more light on our project, connect us to potential partners and open up new doors for Boxwise."

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