Filipa Barros

Job title: Head of Social Responsibility Department

Project: eSolidar

During 16 months, Filipa was a main social care worker as friendly, responsible and caring person, sheensured that high quality of care and support was provided in line with support plans, PCP`s and risk assessments, according with the organizational standards and CQC requirements. Filipa hasthe ability to relate to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and Isable to work on herown or as a part of a team.

As a Certified Trainer during 3 years, skilled and confident to support vulnerable or excluded groups, shewas responsible to assess needs, plan, develop, deliver and evaluate training, reinforcing the lifelong learning process so they could effectively transit from training to work environments (mostly training for inclusion). Shealways demonstrated availability to answer questions, providing coaching, giving guidance about completing assignments and help with other individual learning, social and personal problems.

'We are very excited to be selected, result of all our effort. we expect be given feddback so we can grow in the right direction and create new contacts, allowing us to achieve our goals.'

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