Fidan Uka

Job title: Software Developer, Product Chief Officer

Project: Blood Donor

Fidan Uka was born in Pristina, Kosovo and holds a BSc degree in Software Engineering and Programming for Mobile Devices and Cloud. Fidan is the founder of the Blood Donor, a platform developed with the main purpose of helping the blood transfusion centers in requesting blood for urgent cases. On a daily basis, Fidan works as a Software Developer for a company in Kosovo and also maintains the Blood Donor platform that has been implemented in the National Centre for Blood Transfusion in Kosovo as a beta version.

I am very pleased to have been selected as one of the winners of the biggest digital contest in Europe, it is my pleasure to be part of such a great community.
I applied to EYA was to present my solution and offer my help to a broader community and, most of all, to help people in need. I cannot wait to meet all the winners and exchange our ideas, meet successful entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences and maybe to be a push for the next generations in order to create something valuable for their communities."

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