Enrico Capiozzo

Job title: Co-founder/CEO

Project: VEASYT Live!
Website: https://live.veasyt.com/

At the beginning a child grown up in Veneto Region (north-est of Italy), then a university student in Padua (IT) and Delft (NL), and now an enterpreneur in Venice. Appassionate about innovation that can provide hight impact on society, trough a transfer and collaboration of different fields of knowledge. He believes in an enterpreneurship vision that can integrate social and economical growth. Co-founder and ceo of VEASYT, spinoff of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice , responsible of strategic developments and fundraising of the startup. He raised an angel investment of 170k Euro and 100k Euro of grants from regional programs to support startup companies. With VEASYT's team, he won several international award such us: “Zero project” selected at UN head office conference in Wien; “UniCredit StartLab” winner of the Digital section; “EIT ICT” Labs Idea Challenge, finalist of European contest; “InnovAction project”, selected by Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) and Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AssoCamerEstero). But more than this, he is a theatre enthusiastic, food and good wine lover, snowboarder and motorbiker. In a mixed mode.

Proud to represent VEASYT’s team at EYA, ready to absorb positive energy from the community in Graz, motivated to build a better future for European Union and for all the people of the world. Ad maiora."

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